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Lemonade Charcoal

    Add some zest into your life…
     I always loved the lemon trees I used to have in my garden! The gorgeous fresh aroma when it blooms has always been addictive to me. Lemons are known for their fantastic benefits for the body and skin. I always use them fresh to add a refreshing note to almost every food that I make. It’s active components are so beneficial in the kitchen, and just as so for our skin. The lemon peel contains certain enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, which can help us live a healthier life. The lemon skin’s powers are boosted here with activated charcoal, lemongrass, and geranium rose aromas, it creates an enjoyable celebration in the bathroom!
    In these soap bars, the lemon peel is dried, granulated thinly and becomes a great gentle exfoliating agent, as an addition to the activated charcoal.


    *100% Natural Vegan Friendly, cold-pressed oils, we use essential oils and only natural colorants.


    *Handcrafted using the cold method technique and may vary slightly in color, size, or shape.


    * Every order is gift wrapped by default, whether it’s a treat for yourself or your loved ones, both are equally deserving in our view.


    * While using your soap bar, keep it on a perforated dish that can drain excess liquids. A natural bar of soap does not contain hardening agents, to maintain the shape.


    Lemonade Charcoal

    • Sodium olivate (extra virgin olive oil), Sodium cocoate, Aqua (purified water), Sodium shea butterate, Sodium castorate, Sodium mango butterate, Lemon peel Powder, Activated charcoal, Pelargonium Roseum Leaf Oil.

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