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Our natural skincare products are challenged to extract the integrity of Nature and deliver its undiluted power to our skin.

We extract the active compounds of plants and flowers, concentrating their nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties which are central to our skin health.


Formulation, for us, combines both ancient art and modern science. 

Our parents have used more plants and herbs for so many years. Modern science keeps reviving scientific evidence about the healing properties they carry. We craft our formulae using ancient principles together with advanced plant-based science. 

Focusing on small batch production allows us to celebrate each precious ingredient, ensuring that its potency and efficacy is apprehended in every bottle. 



My name is Riki.

I always preferred to be surrounded by nature and felt the excitement of exploring it, so it was not a surprise when I transformed my kitchen into a purely natural-ingredient based environment. This has led me to experiment with the formulation of non-artificial products in the wider sense, (home cleaning, skincare, and personal wellness) and I loved it. 


I thoroughly enjoy the process of formulating, testing, and developing combinations of plant herb-sourced wellness products. I am fascinated with both the variety of possibilities for a scent that can be achieved under this natural-only limitation and the wide variety of benefits and effects these products have on our skin.

Our soaps, serums, creams, ointments, and other products are each hand-formulated with love, and from scratch!

My passion to explore and discover the potency of plant-based skincare set the foundation for me as a formulator. I realized that education is a key component to contribute to the green revolution, therefore, I pursued formal education in Botanical Formulation and I keep on learning and researching every day.


The vast natural world around us contains everything our bodies require, in the healthiest form.

I look forward to the research involved in the ingredient selection process once an idea forms in my mind, I plan it well, I then head to obtain these herbs and dry them naturally (to preserve their benefits) and proceed to play with the options before me to create the best possible product that will feel great while serving its related purpose. I use only the best quality ingredients and essential oils available to me, organic when possible. The resulting products allow us to reap the full benefits of the natural world, as originally intended and expected by our bodies, all this with incomparable aromas for sensual pleasure.
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