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Not only is she green...

When my children were young, I encouraged them to eat a healthy variety of foodstuffs. My message to them was to count the number of veggie colours on the plate - the more, the better, ensuring a broad range of health benefits. Each colour protects our bodies in different ways.

Each colour in nature is meaningful!

The same selective approach of eating varied, non processed food, should go towards your choices of skincare products.

The sole purpose of adding colourful botanical ingredients to our formulae is to maximize skin benefits. Our products glow with fantastic natural colour.

For years now, the global skincare industry has been advertising the use of white skincare creams and serums. Why should we prefer to choose native botanical colours above "white" skincare products?

Natural colours are integrally natural ingredients, and they have enormous beneficial properties for the skin.

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Lorraine Dallmeier speaks about the potency of colours in botanicals and says, “The blue of chamomile essential oil comes from chamazulene, a potent anti-inflammatory compound. The orange-red lycopene of rosehips can counter premature skin ageing. The yellow-orange beta-carotene of sea buckthorn berries is rich in antioxidants.”

Wolfberries or goji berries derive their light carroty colour from the presence of carotenoids that can help stimulate epidermal regeneration.

As we realize that each botanical colour in a natural product has specific, powerful effects on our skin, we grow to appreciate them. I love colourful botanical oils and treasure them as elemental ingredients in my formulas. The golden, orange, red, green and yellow tints - the lipids produced by Mother Nature - are exceptional.

When a botanical oil or butter is refined, deodorised or bleached to remove colour or scent, the essential chemical compounds that can do wonders to our skin, such as carotenoids and anthocyanins, are destroyed.

Avocado oil should be green, and sesame or hemp oil should have an authentic scent.

When I compose an organic skincare product embracing the natural colours of the ingredients, I know that my jar of cream is brimming with nature’s treats infused from plants. This integral natural colour within a skincare formula is proof of its authenticity, its vitality.


As a "green," natural and organic skincare creator, I love concocting formulations of all colours! Getting a green or orange oil or cream - it is exciting.

I embrace the native power of plant colours for their beneficial properties, striving to avoid rendering them bland and characterless. I select the ingredients for their efficacy and performance. Since the components of the products are not denatured, the beautiful inherent hues draw together the concepts of plant power and efficacy by combining essential botanical extracts with "green chemistry" to create a skincare range to enhance health and happiness.

Join me in celebrating the skin-care products rainbow!

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