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Less Is More!

“Skinimalism – a concept that aims for natural, minimum or no makeup. Are we applying the Con Marie method for promoting sustainability in our skincare habits?” says Lorraine Dallmeire, Green Beauty conversations

Less is more, is the skincare trend taking over the beauty industry in 2021.

Pinterest: “It’s the end of the caked-on make-up look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new ‘effortlessly chic’ routine is simple and sustainable.”

"Skinimalism is the new glow-up," or the embracing of natural skin without enhancing it with things like makeup and photo-retouching.

Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report, describes the stripping back of our skincare (and make-up) routines in favor of a minimalist approach. What does it mean?

• Reducing the number of products.

• Reducing the number the active ingredients in our routines.

• Wearing less foundation to allow our real skin to shine through.

• Wearing the same product consistently for at least 2 months, so we can see results.

• Harnessing the power of multitasking products, and ultimately committing to a more sustainable (and often cheaper) beauty routine.

• Buying products according to our skin needs.

This new movement – skinimalism, marks the favor of a simple, sustainable, ‘effortlessly chic’ routine.

The average woman uses about 16 products every day!!!

“The movement, highlighted in its Trend Prediction Report, refers to how women are embracing a more sustainable, pared-down beauty routine. It seems that it has been gaining momentum since the start of the pandemic.

Everyone is now focusing on what is essential in our daily lives and wellness is a big part of that” (South China Morning Post)

How many skin care product do you use every day?

Just go to to your bathroom or shelf and take a look. I actually just count my bottles…

More and more people complain about skin irritation, sometimes in the form of rashes, inflamed breakouts, redness and flare-ups of conditions like dermatitis. Using too many products, trying new formulas each day, layering incorrectly or combining too many actives, can overwhelm, overstimulate the skin. This way we can never see the benefits of the actives we’re using.

Some people implement routines that comprise 15 products and multiple steps. Instead, it is better for the environment and for our skin to take it back to basics – or to “skinimise” what we are using.

As a working, busy mother who tries to find the time to juggle all her needs, I feel that catering for one’s skin health according to their specific needs in each stage of life, is the best way to do it. Overdoing in this sense can be harmful.

Over cleansing can strip the skin of its protective sebum. Over layering would overwhelm the skin. Layering ingredients that should not be mixed can harm the skin…

Can we be more kind to our skin and to the environment, would you think that it goes hand in hand?


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